Stencils & Paint Spray Masks

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Magnetic StencilsMagnetic spray stencils

Magnetic Stencils are an ideal way to spray paint, gloss roller, or brush etc, onto ferrous objects, such as skips, storage containers, steel, container drums among a host of other uses. The magnetic stencils are really convenient and quick to use and use again and again. Any logo style can be adapted for use,


Paint Spray Maskpaint spray mask

Paint spray mask is a high quality and versatile stencil film for use on either rigid or flexible surfaces. The 100 micron translucent matt film gives clear and crisp edge definition, whilst the low tack adhesive can be removed without leaving any adhesive residue.Although these can only be used once, they are fantastic for serialised numbers, and make a perfect finish. Custom paint jobs on metal containers, motorbikes, scooters and cars can be achieved very quickly.


Rigid Stencils

We can produce any type of stencilling in a wide variety of materials including galvanised steel, aluminium (solid or composite), acrylic and many more.

Number and Letter Stencil Sets

Letter and number stencils can be cut out of acrylic, magnetic, aluminium although size of the lettering required plays a part on which materials are best.

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