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Virtually all of our sign components are manufactured in house by our team.

Consequently we’ve invested heavily over the years in a vast array of machinery. This machinery isn’t just confined to the sign industry, and can be used for a whole host of other industries.

CNC Machines

Accuracy and consistency are probably the two key aspects of any modern manufacturing these days, and non more so than sign manufacturing. Our CNC machines are incredibly versatile, and can profile parts and lettering, pocket machining, and even 3D.

We have two CNC machines .The largest one is a 4 axis machine and has a 3.6 metre long bed with a 250 mm x axis height. The primary uses for this are large board volume jobs in plastics, woods, and aluminium. It also does all our 3D milling work such as relief maps for exhibitions.

The second machine is a 1.2 metre machine and is primarily used as a wet bed aluminium cutting CNC machine. We use it for cutting 10 and 20 mm thick solid aluminium lettering.

CNC Machining ideas

Wikihouse house module

Wikihouse house module

Coffee table idea from Opendesk

Coffee table idea from Opendesk

CNC desk idea from Opendesk

CNC desk idea from Opendesk

Laser Cutting & Engraving

This is a process whereby the the laser head scans over the object at very high speeds. As it travels, the laser is switched on and off, rather like a black and white printer.

Almost anything can be engraved, such as –

  • Granite, slate, limestone and marble
  • Glass – wine & beer glasses, wine and champagne bottles, coloured and stained glass
  • Plastics
  • Fabrics
  • Leather
  • Woods

Its amazing to think that wood, leather, plastics, metals, and a host of other materials can be cut with such precision, using a beam of light with no physical contact what so ever. The C02 laser working in the infra-red range of light, and at its focal point it’s a tenth of a millimetre across.

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