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Illuminated & 3D Letters LED signs

LED Illuminated letters

Illuminated 3D signs  are probably the most effective way for a business to get noticed on the High Street, especially in low light levels.

LEDs are a really cost effective way of Lighting your signs, and are very cost efficient. There is a range of ways to make your business stand out with 3d letters & illuminated signage.

Built up letters as described below with the LEDs inside the letter itself giving a halo effect.  Illuminated from behind is when the sign is lit from inside the sign tray. Our expert team can give you all the advice and information you need to get your business noticed.

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Built up Letters

built up letters

We  manufacture all our 3d letters in house here at Hippo Signs, so we can make a design unique to you and not of the shelf so to speak. We feel that buying components in slows down production and increases cost. Not only do we have a wide range of skills and manufacturing techniques here at Hippo, we have a wide array of machines.

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Materials we use can be Aluminium Composite, Acrylic (perspex),  Parlite (foamboard), Aluminium and Stainless Steel. We offer a wide variety of techniques to give you exactly what you want at a cost effective price.

 Stood off Lettering

With stood of lettering you can make your signage as eye catching as you want. There are many materials, colours, fonts we can use to create just the image you are looking to give yourselves. There are a lot of variations.

Fret-cut lighting pan, this is a box sign manufactured from either aluminium, or aluminium composite.

Pan sign (box sign) with digital print and stood of letters.

Pan sign fret-cut with perspex and flat cut letters stood off the perspex.

Shop Signs

Shop Signs don’t have to be a piece of perspex with a light behind, They can be just as exiting as the largest Business Signs. We use our graphic design expert to help you to get the right image for your shop.


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