Have you heard of the Golden Ratio?

Have you heard of the Golden Ratio?

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Have you heard of The Golden Ratio? – The Golden Ratio (also known as The Golden Section) is in its most simple terms is a mixture of Maths and Design – used to create many known designs ranging from old to new; these can include the Pyramids of Giza and Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, as well as new well established brands in the modern world like Apples famous ‘apple’ logo and Twitter’s Bird. It’s even been used to create certain beloved illustrated mascots and structures like Sagas Sonic the Hedgehog and the Taj Mahal – amazingly it’s even commonly found in nature (bet you didn’t know that!)


Flower Golden Ratio

You would be surprised at how many eye catching designs you would otherwise overlook as ‘just good design work’ are actually created utilizing this incredibly beautiful technique as it makes designs more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

But less of what it has been used for and more on how it actually helps the designer create – the Golden Ratio is a way of mixing beauty with proportion, in terms of Logo Design it can be the difference between a logo looking good but out of proportion and looking beautiful as well as balancing perfectly.


Twitter Logo Golden Ratio

The Golden Ratio is split into a set of squares laid out in a certain order (I would refer to the diagram on the side so this part makes sense to you!) once these squares are drawn out next a spiral will be drawn from one corner of each square to the other forming The Golden Spiral.

As explaining what The Golden Ration is without using Maths would be virtually impossible, we at Hippo Creative felt that it would better to include images showing all the uses of the method portrait in the design world.


For those of you who would like to see the Mathematical explanation for The Golden Ratio… Best of luck, here it is!

(as it is somewhat hard to understand we will include 2 separate explanations with links to the web pages, please check them out if you want to learn anything more of the Golden Rule as they really capture what it is and fully explain how to use it.)

Mona Lisa Golden Ratio


“Expressed as an equation, when a is larger than b, (a + b) divided by a is equal to a divided by b (just look at the image below), which is equal to about 1.618033987. That number, often represented by the Greek character “phi,” is the golden ratio.”

– ref. www.hongkiat.com

“It can be expressed by the equation a/b=a+b/a=1.618033987, where a is larger than b.”

– ref. www.instantshift.com


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