Building a consistent brand.

Building a consistent brand.

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Your company branding differentiates you from the competitors. It’s the key to creating loyal long standing customers. Your brand sets how your company is perceived in the market place. Brands evoke an emotion, and the customer forms a familiarity and an attachment to it.

Lets take Apple for instance. In the phone and tablet sector, the gap between Apple and Android products, performance difference is negligible. Yet I phone customers continually buy I phones, even when other products may be better suited to their needs.

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So what can we learn from this then. A strong brand can certainly make you less sensitive to competitive pricing. It can also increase the sales of new products.

Deciding on your brand.

Here are a few key pointers you might want to consider.

  • What does your company represent
  • What separates you from your competitors
  • What is your unique selling point
  • What are your goals and objectives
  • Who are the customers you trying to reach
  • Where does that consumer live and work
  • How will you reach your audience

Evolving Brands.

When re-branding a long standing business, it is important to consider the impact this might have. Brands such a Coka-cola, and McDonalds have been very successful in this by evolving their brand, whereas Pepsi hasn’t been as successful, and has drastically changed styles and logo formats. This could prove¬†disastrous for small company’s by confusing loyal customers.


In short, it’s worth reviewing your brand every few years, and compare it to your competitors. Freshening a brand up sparks interest in new customers, and increases confidence in loyal customers.

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